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About Prophet Ronie

Ronald Kabwama, popularly known as Prophet Ronie, upon the first encounter comes off as a man who sings exceptionally well, writes great music, and is passionate about matters concerning the Kingdom of God with the ability to accurately predict future events.

However, what would accurately define his call and purpose is the biblical and spiritual anointing of a prophet and worshiper like King David of old.

His ability to accurately foretell and manipulate future events and even go back into time and space where he was not physically present combined with the great gift of singing and writing music, testifies to the heavenly office Ronie occupies and operates in / from, a prophetic worshipper.


Prophet Ronie’s journey started in his early childhood years. His voice had him singing/ministering in church/school and by the time he was in his early 20’s, he was touring the world and performing with renowned children’s choir under a ministry based in Uganda.

His musical prowess has seen him tour across continents in this world and in 2015 while on tour in Brazil, he started to have strange sensations in him and noticed that he could actually tell/see future happenings. While in Brazil, a friend introduced him to Prophet Elvis Mbonye who since then has been and still is Ronie’s spiritual father.

Besides prophesying and singing, Prophet Ronie divulges rare, profound and life-transforming scriptural insights and biblically sound, yet easy to apply revelations that have transformed the lives of hundreds into thousands of people.

Prophetic Updates

The office of the prophet is known to preserve, establish and prosper the children of God. Some of Prophet Ronie Kabwama’s prophecies are documented on his YouTube Channel. You can subscribe and turn on post notifications to keep updated when new ones are posted.

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