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We are a musical band whose mission is to make God a name across the nations and to awaken His bride (The Church) through true, exuberant, prophetic heavenly worship and to draw men unto the dominion and knowledge of God.

Prophet Ronie Kabwama

Meet The Leader

Ronald Kabwama, popularly known as Prophet Ronie, upon first encounter comes off as a man who sings exceptionally well, writes great music and is passionate about matters concerning the Kingdom of God with the ability to accurately predict future events. However what would accurately define his call and purpose is the biblical and spiritual anointing of a prophet and worshiper like King David of old. His ability to accurately foretell and manipulate future events and even go back into time and space where he was not physically present combined with the great gift of singing and writing music, testifies to the heavenly office Ronie occupies and operates in / from, a prophetic worshipper.

Our Music

The Nations Album is a 7 track music album that was composed by our Leader Prophet Ronie Kabwama and brought to life by us; the Godly talented instrumentalists and vocalists.

The Nations Album is the tool we use in our mandate to spark off a global worship revival. It has a rich sound and repertoire that cuts across all continental musical heritage. Its sound can best be described as international.

We Also Have Amazing Covers!

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